Song Arrangements

The Panics & West Australian Symphony Orchestra (2009)
* Too Many Itches
Completed 8 November 2009
* Don’t Fight It
Completed 14 November 2009
20 February 2010, Kings Park

Ben Lee & West Australian Symphony Orchestra (2007)
* Numb (Lee)
29 February & 1 March 2008, Kings Park, Perth
Conducted by Brett Kelly

Cello Diva (2006)
* Everything (Spears/Artani)
Release date 1 March 2008
Sinfonia Australis, conducted by William Motzing
Bed of Roses - Released by ABC Classics

Augie March & West Australian Symphony Orchestra (2006/7)
* This Train Will Be Taking No Passengers (Richards)
* Bottle Baby (Richards)
* Men Who Follow the Spring Planet Round (Richards)
* Song in the Key of Chance (Richards)
25 February 2007, Kings Park
Conducted by George Ellis
Moo, You Bloody Cow - Released by Sony BMG

The Church (2006)
* Under the Milky Way (Kirby, Jansson)
For the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony
15 March 2006
Young Voices of Melbourne, Melbourne Chorale
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Lyn Williams
Released by Sony BMG

Delta Goodrem (2006)
* Together We Are One (Goodrem, Chambers, McFadden)
For the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony
15 March 2006
Cantillation, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra,
Conducted by Lyn Williams
Released by Sony BMG

Australian National Anthem (2003-5)
* Advance Australia Fair (McCormick)
First verse arranged for Rugby World Cup
Complete arrangement commissioned by the Prime Minister of Australia
and first performed at the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games
15 March 2006 by
Young Voices of Melbourne, Melbourne Chorale, Audience,
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Lyn Wiiliams
Released by Sony BMG

Katie Noonan & Australian Chamber Orchestra (2004)
* River Man (Drake)
December 2004, Huntington Festival

Rugby World Cup, Sydney 2003
* Will To Climb (Jarman)
* Argentine National Anthem (Parera)
* World In Union (Holst/Skarbek)
10 October 2003 Telstra Stadium, Sydney
Deborah Cheetham, Soprano, Jose Cura, Tenor
Cantillation, Sydney Symphony
Conducted by Lyn Williams

Diana Doherty (2003)
* Maria (Bernstein)
Sinfonia Australis, conducted by Mark Summerbell
Souvenirs - Released by ABC Classics

Neil Finn & Australian Chamber Orchestra (2002)
* Four Seasons In One Day
* Pineapple Head
* Private Universe
* Ray of Hope
* Wherever You Are
with James Crabb - Classical Accordian, Slava Grigoryan - Guitar,
Christian Lindberg - Trombone, Joseph Tawadros - Oud
7 December 2002, Huntington Festival

Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympic Games, Sydney 2000
* Journey of Angels (Lim)
Sydney Orchestra conducted by CG

South Pacific (2000)
* Loneliness (Rodgers)
June 2000
Sydney Orchestra conducted by Paul Bogaev

Kate Cebrano (1999)
* I Remember

Judi Connelli & Sydney Symphony Orchestra (1998-9)
* Send in the Clowns (Sondheim)
* Something’s Coming (Bernstein)
* Luck Be a Lady Tonight (Loesser)
* Medley of songs by Kander, Bono and Sondheim

John Farnham & Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (1997)
* Looking Through a Tear

Margret RoadKnight (1989)
* Sometimes I feel Like a Motherless Child (Trad.)
Zero - Released by ABC