Events Music

Australia Day 2014  
Darling Harbour Fireworks

26 January 2014, Darling Harbour
Soundtrack especially created by CG with selections from his music to the Commonwealth Games, the Rugby World Cup, and the Centenary of the Federation of Australia.

Circa (2008)  
National Museum of Australia

Installation presenting images and sounds of the history of Australia
Open April to December 2008
13 minutes
* Quadrant 1
* Quadrant 2 (featuring Slava Grigoryan, Guitar)
* Quadrant 3
* Quadrant 4
Sydney Scoring Orchestra
Conducted by CG

Commonwealth Games, Melbourne, 2006
Opening Ceremony

15 March 2006, Melbourne Cricket Ground
* Countdown
* Journey to the Stadium
* Welcome to the MCG
* Raising the Three Nation Flags
* Welcome to Melbourne
* Raising the Flag
* Chairman Dances (sic)
* Finale (Pyro)
* Under the Milky Way
* Together We Are One
* Australian National Anthem
* Happy Birthday/God Save the Queen
Young Voices of Melbourne & Sydney Children’s Choir
Melbourne Chorale & Cantillation
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by Lyn Williams

Rugby World Cup, Sydney 2003  
Opening Ceremony
2003, Olympic Stadium, Sydney
* Opening
* Rugby March
* Colours of Rugby
* Various cutdowns
* World in Union
* Will to Climb
* Argentine National Anthem
* Australian National Anthem
10 October 2003, Telstra Stadium, Sydney
Deborah Cheetham, Soprano
Jose Cura, Tenor
Sydney Symphony Conducted by Lyn Williams

Centenary of the Federation of Australia (2000) Official Ceremony  
1 January 2001, Centennial Park, Sydney
* Journey to Nationhood
Words by Graeme Freudenberg
Narrated by Penny Hackforth-Jones and Peter Sumner
* A Song of Hope
Words by Oodgeroo of the tribe Noonacul
Deborah Cheetham, Soprano
David Hamilton, Tenor
Gondwana Voices
Sydney Children’s Choir
Sydney Philharmonia Choirs
Australian Youth Orchestra
Conducted by Lyn Williams

Millenium Eve (1999)
International Telecast

With Iva Davies and Richard Tognetti
* The Ghost of Time
31 December 1999, North Court of Sydney Opera House