for the National Museum of Australia
April – December 2008

A multi-screen installation presenting images of Australia.
Directed by Serge Ou and produced by Michael Tear of Bearcage Productions.

CG has composed music for a number of projects that are concerned with the history and celebration of Australia. In composing Circa he chose to acknowledge this thread in his career by referencing or alluding to a number of those earlier works.

Quadrant 1 takes a two-note fanfare rhythm (short-long) that first appeared in the music for the Centenary of Federation and again in the music for the Commonwealth Games and creates a motif that binds all four Quadrants together.

Quadrants 2 and 3 each incorporate a different part of the “anthem” theme from the Centenary of Federation.

Quadrant 4 takes the instrumentation and style of the larger music in Sydney A Story of a City.

Quadrant 1
Pre-history. The birth of a continent

Quadrant 2
Human habitation and expansion

Quadrant 3
The 20th Century

Quadrant 4
Australia today