On the Beach

Seven Weekly Interviews with CG by Karen Cambrell
February – March 2000

Radio producer, Karen Cambrell made a radio documentary for ABC Radio National
that followed the composition of On the Beach, looking at the processes and pressures
involved in screen composition. At the end of each week she interviewed CG as research
for the program. This is an edited transcript of those interviews.

WEEK ONE. Friday 18th February 2000
Getting Set Up.

WEEK TWO. Friday 25th February 2000
Preparation and Themes.

WEEK THREE. Friday 3rd March 2000
Waiting for the Pictures and More Themes

WEEK FOUR. Friday 10th March 2000
Composing Begins.

WEEK FIVE. Friday 17th March 2000
Yachts and Choirs.

WEEK SIX. Friday 24th March 2000
Nearing the End and Orchestration.

WEEK SEVEN. Friday 31st March 2000
The End and Preparing for the Sessions.

POSTSCRIPT. August 2008